Orange Financial

Why Go Orange?

real solutions for real people

Financial Guidance From Real People

Simply put, we’ve been there. We’ve lived the struggles, felt the pain and stress of dealing with financial uncertainty, tasted success and developed strategies to move towards a life of abundance. So when you talk with Orange Financial, you’re talking to real people with real life experiences often similar to yours, regardless of your situation.

We’re Focused on You

Every situation is unique, so we take time to learn your story, your challenges, and your aspirations. With this, we can work together to help you work on your goals.

The Orange Community

You’re not in this alone! The Orange Community is filled with people just like you. Some have gotten off to a wonderful start in their financial journey, some have been derailed and transformed their lives through sound financial decisions, and some have solidified what they had already established. Most people in the Orange Community continue relationships with us beyond their initial situations, for life. Our goal is to connect people, build the Orange community and grow together.

We Teach, Coach, and Counsel

Let’s face it, not everyone is as deeply versed in the world of finances as they might want to be. Everyone is at a different place in their financial understanding. Some people are just starting out. Some may have gone through something that has derailed their plan or has put them in a position where they must start over. Some may have it all together, but wonder if they might be missing something. Some are smart business people, but they don’t really understand how to manage their money or have been given poor advice. In some families, one spouse may handle the bills while the other manages the finances. They trust one another, but may wonder/ worry if they are doing everything as effectively and efficiently as possible. Orange wants to help people at all levels.

Open Access

There is never a fee to engage in the Orange Process and we will never charge you for the services provided. The door is open to anyone seeking assistance in transforming or strengthening their life. There is a great deal of value being delivered to you at no charge. But we are OK with that and we want to help you, that’s why Orange was created. We also realize that everyone is at different stages in life, and chances are that almost everyone will need some type of product that relates to their finances in their future. We can get those products. So the hope is that we build such a strong relationship during the process, and do such an amazing job of educating, coaching and/ or counseling that if/ when that time comes, you will use the Orange team to do that for you. When you do, the company that we purchase the product from pays us.